3003 Aluminum Foil—Aluminum Foil for Food Box
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3003 Aluminum Foil—Aluminum Foil for Food Box

3003 Aluminum Foil

3003 aluminum foil is an Al-Mn series alloy. Because it can not be heat-treated, cold working method is used to improve its mechanical properties. This alloy has high plasticity, good welding performance and higher strength than 1 series aluminum alloy, which is medium strength. 

3003 aluminum foil performance advantages:

A: The alloy of 3003 aluminum foil has good strength, high plasticity and good welding performance.

B: It has excellent corrosion resistance and is a medium-strength aluminum alloy with a wide range of uses.

C: Good process performance and good formability.

D: The 3003 aluminum foil produced by Shengzhou has strict requirements, and the quality of the trimming is excellent. In the packaging process, it is also protected from moisture and oxidation.