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Aluminum Foil for Lunch Boxes

With the promotion of environmental awareness and the concept of green consumption, especially the degree of consumer awareness and acceptance of aluminum foil lunch boxes is higher than previous industry inferences and expectations. Therefore, the market application of lunch box aluminum foil will increase year by year. The environmental protection and food safety advantages of the aluminum foil for the lunch box are also the market direction for the development of the aluminum foil for the lunch box. The aluminum foil of the lunch box not only meets the national food container hygiene standards, but more importantly, it adapts to the international environmental protection trend. The aluminum foil lunch box can be directly placed on a gas stove for heating and roasting in a microwave oven without fear of danger, which brings great convenience to people.

At present, the aluminum foil of the lunch box is one of the key products of scientific research and development of many domestic manufacturers. In the Henan region of the national aluminum processing base, Shengzhou is the main manufacturer of aluminum foil for lunch boxes. The products are not only safe and hygienic, but also have precise specifications. They are also highly praised by many domestic and foreign companies. The thickness of aluminum foil for household foil and lunch box produced by Shengzhou is generally between 0.01mm-0.20mm, the width range is generally between 100-1000mm, and the alloy has 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil and 5052 aluminum foil. The aluminum foil for lunch boxes produced in Shengzhou is mainly made of 8011 aluminum foil. The 5052 aluminum foil has been sought after by foreign companies in recent years and has become another development trend in foreign markets.

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