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Aluminum Strip for Transformer 

Aluminum Strip for Transformer

Product: Aluminum strip for dry transformer;

Material: 1060-O;

Thickness: 0.2mm - 3.0mm;

width: 20mm - 1650mm.

Description: The surface is smooth and scratch-free. The edges can be made into chamfers(rounded corners, rounded edge), no burrs, better than national standards. The resistivity is less than or equal to 0.028.

Packing: wooden pallet, inner diameter 300mm or 500mm.

The transformer aluminum strip is made of high-purity aluminum, and the aluminum content can reach more than 99.6%. It has unparalleled conductivity of other series of aluminum strips.
Transformer aluminum strips are divided into different models, specifications and states depending on the application. Models are: 1060, 1050, 1050A, 1060, 1070, 1070A, 1350, status: O state. O means soft state,the degree of hardness and hardness, and the degree of annealing can be indicated by numbers. The thickness is between 0.08 and 3.00, and is called aluminum tape and foil for dry type transformer. The aluminum ribbon and foil for dry-type transformers are made of high-quality pure aluminum. They have high electrical conductivity and soft texture. The surface is smooth and burr-free. It is an ideal material for the production of dry-type transformers and a key raw material for the manufacture of transformer windings. Many technical indexes such as electrical conductivity of aluminum strip and foil, burr curling, side bending and surface quality are required.