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08-04 2018

Where are Aluminum Wafers Usually Used?

In fact, in our real life, aluminum wafer is very widely used, for example we often use pot bottom, in fact many of them are made of aluminum wafer. Therefore, when you choose a pot, you must choose t…

07-30 2018

How to Broaden the Sales Channels of Aluminum Discs Products?

As a merchant, in the process of selling aluminum discs, it is natural to pay attention to the sales performance of the products. When the sales performance of the products reaches a certain level, it…

07-20 2018

What are the Common Ways to Wholesale Aluminum Circles?

Aluminum circles are not uncommon in industrial life, and even many industries use it. So if in the purchase of this product in the process of large demand, need to carry out a large number of wholesa…

07-12 2018

Issues to be Concerned about Making Aluminum Wafers

Nowadays, the process of industrialization in the process of urban development is very fast. More and more people have started their own factories through the tide of urban industrial development.

07-07 2018

Related Technology of Uncoiling and Blanking of Aluminium Disc

The production technology of aluminum wafer is related to the quality and produce efficiency of the aluminum wafers’ finished products. Gongyi Shengzhou actively introduced new technology in the manu…

07-02 2018

The Development Characteristics of Aluminum Industry in the Future

Aluminum as one of the metals with large reserves in all metals, has been widely used in our lives. Compared with copper, it has obvious advantages. So what is the development trend of aluminum indust…

06-22 2018

What Should We Pay Attention to When Uusing Aluminium Pot Bottom?

The aluminum pan bottom is one of the many applications of aluminum wafers and one of the most widely used.

06-15 2018

The Application of Aluminum Disc in Industry

Aluminum discs have a wide range of applications in the industry. Everyone knows that aluminum wafers are one of the basic products of aluminum metal, and they are the basic model and the initial form…

06-08 2018

The Advantages of Aluminum Wafer

As we all know, aluminum is a relatively abundant metal and is widely used in our lives. Aluminum wafers, as a direct processing product of aluminum metal, are also integrated into all aspects of our …

06-02 2018

How to Make Aluminum Discs?

The usefulness of aluminum wafers in our lives is more, and its applications are more extensive. There are relatively wide applications in electronics, daily chemicals, electrical appliances, machiner…

05-24 2018

What are the Processing Steps of Aluminum Wafer?

Aluminum has the advantages of being incomparable to other metals, lighter in weight and higher in strength, and can be extruded into various new types of cross-section materials used.

05-17 2018

Talking About the Matters Needing Attention in Welding of Aluminum Sheet

Some people may ask, aluminum is very easily oxidized in the air, can it be welded? Gongyi Sheng Zhou told everyone that aluminum sheets can be welded.

05-11 2018

How Can We Produce High Quality Aluminum Wafer Products

Gongyi Shengzhou Metal Products Co., Ltd. has excellent production equipment, leading production technology, specifically to provide customers with high-quality aluminum wafer products, has been consc…

05-04 2018

The Advantages and Applications of Aluminum Discs

Aluminum discs in the process of production,all-intelligent automation equipment used in the production of aluminum discs from loading to stamping,production of aluminum discs from coiled material in …

04-27 2018

The Characteristics of Aluminium Cookers

The aluminum pan is light, durable, fast-heating, uniform in heat, and non-rusting, but should not be used to cook acidic or alkaline foods and salty foods. Otherwise, the aluminum in cooking utensils…

04-17 2018

Brief Introduction of Aluminum Wafer

Aluminum products are more common in our daily life, such as pots and other common cooking utensils, which are often used in our daily life books and are also more practical. There are also some of th…

04-10 2018

Aluminum Wafer Production Characteristics

With the constant development of industry, some cooking utensils, lamps and decorative products made of aluminum wafers as raw materials have also appeared in our lives one after another.

04-04 2018

The Importance of Aluminum Products in Society

Aluminum wafers as representatives of aluminum products, are also used in society. If not, our lives may be in trouble. In fact, if you carefully observe, there are many aluminum wafer products around…

03-28 2018

How is the Development Prospect of Aluminum Wafers?

Nowadays, with the development of industry, aluminum wafer as the processing material, has been paid more and more attention. Next, we will talk about its development prospects.

03-20 2018

Aluminum Wafer Manufacturer

Gongyi Aluminum Co.,Ltd. is a professional Aluminium Coil manufacturer and Aluminum Circles manufacturers,mainly supply Aluminium Coil,Aluminum Circles,Aluminium discs,Aluminum Sheet,Household Aluminu…

03-13 2018

The Advantage of Aluminum Products in the Market

Nowadays, aluminum wafers occupy an important position in the market, and the industrial sector has made tremendous changes in soil. In terms of selection, it has unique advantages. Next, it talks abo…

03-06 2018

Which Aluminum Wafer is the Most Famous

Here to say which aluminum wafer best, Gongyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a good choice, they have advanced technology, professional team, a long history, for many years has maintained a good reputation. In…

02-27 2018

How to Measure the Quality of Aluminum Wafer

In fact, when it comes to aluminum wafers, I think the first thing you must think of in mind is aluminum. We all know that aluminum is very light, but how to measure his quality on the surface require…

02-09 2018

The Application and Advantage of Aluminum Circles

Speaking of aluminum wafer, then next we have to tell you about the various aluminum products in life, you may be surprised.

02-02 2018

Aluminum Alloy Wafer Pass Rate Inspection Conditions

In recent years, the rapid development of aluminum products, aluminum wafer as a raw material, to a large extent, played a key role, then talk about aluminum pass rate inspection.