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Digital Code Rotary Switch


Product origin :Jilin,China

Delivery time :5 working days

Supply capacity : 5000 pcs per week

Digital Code Rotary Switch with multiple switching functions are applicable to the machinetool`s operation panel for axis selection ,feed rate and override ,etc.
This product is suitable for all kinds of NC processing machinery, NC automated machine, gauges. The knob pinion positioning, digital output, and the signal is stable and reliable. It is generally used for Numerical control panel`s mode transformation ,spindle override and feedrate override in the reliable control of CNC machine tools.

RDN series digital code rotary band switch is mainly applied in axis selection switch and override selection switch of NC 

machine tool in domestic market. The RD series band switch with excellent electronic parameters and comfortable feel 

have wide application in CNC Industrial machinery.

Model :RDN


● Miniaturization: 33.6 * 36.3mm

● Rear operating panel length 25mm

● Above 50,000 times guarantee

● The closed integration structure: oil-proof, dust-proof, water-proof

● Fewer wirings, time and effort saving

● Easy setting, transform screws position to adjust the settings

● Gold-plated double contacts ensure the stability and reliability.

● Five rotation angles:13.85°, 15°, 20 27°, .69°, 30°.

● Four digital modes: binary (positive and inverse) code, hexadecimal (positive and inverse) code (Error signal prevention)

● Firm and reliable, Knob strength:3N·m

● Waterproof grade: IP 40 non-waterproof; IP 65 waterproof

Basic Specifications:


Condition Specifications

Operating Temperature Range

Nonfreezing   -20°C—+70°C

Storage Temperature Range

Nonfreezing   -40°C—+70°C

Gyroscopic Moment

0.1~0.2N·m(1~2 kgf·cm)

Terminal Strength


Screw Strength


Knob Strength


Vibration Resistance 

Swing: 10-55-10Hz/min;Amplitude:1.5mm/each direction/2 hours

No abnormal appearance and structure found.

(meet electrical requirements)

Contact Resistance

DC+5V/1A Voltage Drop; 1kHz<20mV;<50mA

<100mΩ(initial value including conductor resistance)

Insulation Resistance

DC250V/ after a minute terminal-terminal


DC500V/after a minute terminal-FG


Voltage Resistance

AC250V/after a minute  terminal-terminal

No abnormal appearance and structure found.

AC1500V/after a minute terminal-FG

Rated Voltage

load resistance 



Mechanical Drawing:


Product Testing:


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