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Textile Machine Absolute Encoder


Product origin :Jilin, China

Delivery time :15 working days

Supply capacity :3000 pcs per week

This absolute encoder is specially designed for textile machine. It has dual output. One is incremental output; the other is the absolute output. It can easily see the difference from the appearance. The shaft is different from other encoders. And it has two cables. One is for incremental signal output and the other is for absolute signal output.

Model: RPH66S Textile Machine Absolute Encoder



1. Textile machine absolute encoder 10mm solid shaft

2. Absolute 8 bit and incremental 500ppr output

3. Open collector and push pull interface

4. Angle, motion, position feedback device

5. Specially for textile machinery.

Basic Specifications:

External Diameter66mm
Shaft Diameter10mm
Slew Speed 1000r/min
Shaft Load≤20N
Operating Temperature-20°C - +65°C/-40°C - +65°C
Protection ClassIP 64
TerminationRadial cable/ Axial cable
Vibration Resistance2.5g
Supply VoltageDC5V±0.05%/DC10V-30V
Output CodeBinary Code/Gray Code
Output ModelOpen collector/pushpull
Frequency Response≤500HZ
Current Requirement≤180mA
Output Bits8 bit/500ppr
Measuring Range0 °- 360°

Mechanical Drawing


Product Testing

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Package and shipping

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